On 24 – 26 May 2022, South Sudan hosted a Regional training for officials of border management agencies on international cooperation to combat cross-border crime.

During the 2.5 days training event, officials of border management agencies operational at the border and professionals in charge of border management and law enforcement policy in the Khartoum Process African region and the neighbouring Central African Republic were invited to exchange and expand their knowledge on challenges and good practices on cross-border cooperation to address cross-border crimes, such as trafficking in human beings, smuggling of migrants, and terrorism.

A total of 28 participants of different ranks and seniority in law enforcement agencies from 8 countries attended and were led throughout the learning process by ICMPD experts in border management and trafficking in human beings (THB). Their presentations and interactive exercises were complemented by contributions by Brig.Gen. Emmanuel Ndayegamiye from the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) and online by Mr. Akseli Saviranta from Frontex.

The ICMPD Border Management Expert, Ms. Monika Weber, focused on the essentials of border management, explaining definitions and terms, awareness on information exchange, ways and challenges. Furthermore, she presented profiling, warning and critical elements, impostors, morphing and technologies used at the border. Her inputs concluded by addressing aspects related to awareness of multicultural differences, new trends and case studies from identity fraud and smuggling.

Mr. Madis Vainomaa, ICMPD anti-trafficking expert, outlined several common myths about THB, indicators and investigating THB crimes, types of witnesses and victims, conducting interviews (incl. role plays), conditions and methods, types of questions and verbal/non-verbal cues.

The Frontex expert presented findings from the AFIC project (Africa-Frontex Intelligence Community) and shared information on joint risk analysis to counter cross border crime.

The EAPCCO representative, Brig.Gen. Emmanuel Ndayegamiye, as focal point for INTERPOL, presented the role of INTERPOL in information exchange including formal and informal cooperation mechanisms and relationship building with cross-border partners.

In addition to providing a space for knowledge-building, this event also provided a platform for networking, informal discussion and many participants informed that they will not only report on the information received, but will also provide further trainings to their colleagues.