On 3 - 4 May 2023, Uganda hosted the Khartoum Process Thematic Workshop on Data on Human Mobility in the context of Climate Change, attracting over 50 representatives from diverse backgrounds, including academia, government, NGOs, and international organisations. The workshop provided a unique opportunity for attendees to exchange knowledge and engage in discussions about the latest research and trends in climate displacement and migration data.

The workshop's agenda was filled with exciting and informative sessions. Existing actors in the climate displacement and mobility data research world presented their latest findings and shared their experiences. The presentations covered a range of topics, including the latest data on climate change-induced migration, the challenges of collecting and analysing climate migration data, and best practices for using data to inform policy decisions.

One of the highlights of the workshop was an interactive exercise facilitated by the Mixed Migration Centre (MMC). Participants worked together to understand how to interpret and draw policy-relevant conclusions from climate mobility data and identify policy recommendations and next steps for policy design. The exercise was a great opportunity for attendees to collaborate and share ideas.

Another key session was a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities for using climate migration data to inform policy decisions. The panel was made up of European and African policy makers as well as academia, who discussed the role of data in shaping policies that support climate migrants, identifying how existing data and evidence can be leveraged to inform policy making on displacement and migration in the context of climate change, while also identifying the capacity level for early warning and early action.

In conclusion, the interactive exercise, presentations, and panel discussion were all informative and engaging, and participants had the chance to meet and network with like-minded professionals, forge new partnerships, and build relationships that could lead to future collaborations. The workshop demonstrated the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange in tackling the complex challenges of climate mobility and data collection and analysis.