On the 14th and 15th of November 2018, around 280 Senior Officials from across Europe and Africa met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The participants met to follow up on both the conclusions established during the Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) in Malta last year, and the progress made under the five domains of the Joint Valletta Action Plan (JVAP), adopted at the Migration Summit in Malta in 2015.

The SOM gave an opportunity to all partners to reiterate the core principles of solidarity, partnership, and shared responsibility. The participants also expressed their commitment to respond decisively and to jointly manage migration flows in all their aspects. The meeting focused on the state of play of the JVAP, including analysis and suggestions for a way forward. The partners also discussed the Khartoum and Rabat Processes which, as key dialogues, are mandated to monitor and report on the implementation and progress of the Joint Valletta Action Plan. The current situation of the different bilateral and European instruments contributing to the JVAP objectives was also examined. The meeting concluded with recommendations for the way forward for the JVAP.

In preparation for this SOM, both the Khartoum Process and Rabat Process members drafted Analysis Reports that take stock of their respective work to date and make domain-specific and general recommendations.

“Since the Valletta Summit and the First JVAP SOM in 2015, the Khartoum Process has continued to deliver as a regional dialogue providing a platform for the exchange of good practices on polices and cooperation, promotion of innovative approaches, and fostering multi-stakeholder partnership around specific policy issues. Khartoum Process members recognise that much has been achieved in the delivery of the JVAP objectives, both through the impetus of individual actions of its member countries and through joint actions. However, much remains to be done”, according to the Khartoum Process Analysis Report. The Khartoum and Rabat Processes members’ recommendations and Joint Conclusions are available for download below.

On the occasion of the SOM in Addis Ababa, an infographic was created to highlight the progress that has been achieved by the involved stakeholders since the JVAP was adopted. The infographic also provides up-to-date insights on the JVAP Database, which contains information about projects, programmes, legislations and policies in Africa and Europe, addressing the five thematic domains of the JVAP. The JVAP Database infographic is available for download at https://www.khartoumprocess.net/news-and-events/news/78-jvap-infographic and https://www.rabat-process.org/fr/en-action/dialogue.

A selection of event pictures can be accessed here.

A series of documents related to the event can be downloaded below:

Agenda JVAP SOM 2018

JVAP Infographic

Joint Conclusions JVAP SOM 2018

KP Analysis Report JVAP SOM 2018

RP Analysis Report JVAP SOM 2018