African and EU leaders adopted a political declaration and a common action plan at the Valletta Summit on migration, in Malta, 12-15 November 2015.
The Ouagadougou Action Plan to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings, Especially Women and Children, was adopted in 2006 and aims at developing co-operation, best practices and mechanisms to prevent and combat trafficking in human beings between the European Union and the African Union.
A table for African partners to report on their contribution to the 16 Priority Initiatives of the Valetta Action Plan, as part of the mapping of responses to Valletta Action Plan initiatives and actions and the monitoring of the Valletta Action Plan. (Annex 2 - Table 1C)
The Rome Declaration, adopted at the Ministerial Conference in Rome in 2014, is the key strategic document of the Khartoum Process whereby its members agreed to assist participating states in tackling human trafficking and smuggling between the Horn of Africa and Europe.
This policy document, adopted by the Executive Council of the African Union (AU) along with the African Common Position on Migration and Development 2006, articulates the AU’s overarching approach to migration.
The Chair's conclusions on the Senior Officials Meeting that took place in London, on 24 November 2015. The conclusions touch upon the rules of procedures of the Steering Committee and on the terms of reference of the Khartoum Process Secretariat. The Secretariat is asked to undertake a mapping of ongoing and proposed multilateral and bilateral projects and funding relevant to the work of the Khartoum Process.