2nd Thematic Meeting, Addis Ababa

The 2nd thematic meeting of the Khartoum Process focused on return, readmission and reintegration - in line with the fifth priority domain of the Valletta Action Plan

It took place in Addis Ababa on 19-20 October 2016 and was hosted by Ethiopia and co-chaired by Ethiopia and Italy.

The meeting addressed returns from Europe as well as returns from transit and host countries within Africa and the neighboring region, including small-scale returns - voluntary and enforced -, and large-scale voluntary repatriation of refugees when conditions in their home countries permit.

Sessions were divided into three thematic focuses:

  1. Strategies, policies and approaches during the pre-return phase
  2. Identification: techniques, key stakeholders and cooperation mechanisms
  3. Establishing reintegration strategies

Experts from both Africa and Europe, as well as international organisations representatives from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) shared best practices, case studies and concrete recommendations.

A particular focus was made on pre-return preparation, cooperation between states in the identification phase and finding sustainable reintegration methods, including for vulnerable groups and medial cases.

2nd IlWG in Rome, 8 July 2016

At their 2nd meeting in Rome, on 8 July 2016, participants to the Informal Working Group (iLWG) convened to give impetus to the Khartoum Process, including through the implementation of concrete initiatives.

They identified needs in relation to the Horn of Africa Route through the review of ongoing and proposed projects funding options and agreed on a tentative plan of activities for the second half of 2016.

Participants to the 2nd Informal Working Group discussed the following issues:

  • the outcome of the first Thematic Meeting, which took place in Khartoum on 24-25 May
  • information sharing on human trafficking and smuggling of migrants and the role of the proposed Regional Operational Centre
  • the progress on the implementation of several EU projects, including ‘Better Migration Management’ (BMM) and  ‘Addressing Mixed Migration Flows’ (MMF)
  • the outcome of the Valletta ‘stocktaking’ meeting, which took place in Brussels on 21-22 June
  • a brief update on the activities under the Regional Development and Protection Programmes (RDPP) and their link with the broader global agenda on protection and protracted displacement
  • future meetings timetable, agenda and host country 
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A technical stock-taking meeting on the state of play of the implementation of the Valletta Action Plan takes place in Brussels on 21-22 June 2016.

During this mid-year meeting, an overall assessment of Joint Valletta Action Plan (JVAP) implementation was undertaken.

The objective of the meeting was to recall the VAP objectives and commitments, as well as the implementation strategy of key stakeholders.

Conclusions and the way forward in the lead-up to the upcoming Senior Officials Meeting were also discussed. 




1st Thematic Meeting in Khartoum

The first Thematic Meeting of the Khartoum Process was dedicated to tackling people smuggling, with a particular focus on regional law enforcement and judicial response.

It took place in Khartoum on 24-25 May 2016 under the chairmanship of the UK and was co-convened and hosted by the Republic of Sudan.

Participants discussed ways to better tackle people smuggling by improving information sharing, investigations into criminal activities, border management, and prosecutions and legislation.

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At their first meeting in Paris, on 25 February 2016, the Informal Working Group (iLWG) discussed the following issues:

  • the mapping of projects under the Khartoum Process, including under the Valletta Action Plan
  • the progress of several EU projects, including ‘Better Migration Management’ (BMM)
  • the need to ensure a coherent ‘whole of region’ approach to ‘Better Migration Management’, inclusive of North Africa, and to ensure coherence of BMM and other EU projects with existing international work in the region 
  • training needs in the participating countries
  • the organisation of Thematic Meetings on legal migration including visa facilitation and intra-Africa migration, and on returns and reintegration 
  • the role of National Focal Points and of communication   

Senior Officials Meeting, London, 2015

This Senior Officials Meeting took place in London on 24 November 2015, the first under the chairmanship of the United Kingdom.

At the meeting, participants reiterated their commitment to combat people smuggling and human trafficking and improving the management of migratory flows in the Horn of Africa and towards the European Union. 

Senior Officials agreed on the rules of procedures of the Steering Committee and on the terms of reference of the Khartoum Process Secretariat. The Secretariat was asked to undertake a mapping of ongoing and proposed multilateral and bilateral projects and funding relevant to the work of the Khartoum Process. 

Steering Committee Meeting, London, 2015

At the meeting in London on 23 November 2015, the Steering Committee discussed a set of recommendations on:

  • the scope of the Khartoum Process
  • the establishment of a level of dialogue at the working level group
  • the mapping of the Khartoum objectives, including under the Valletta Declaration and Action Plan
  • funding options
  • the 'Better Migration Management' in support of the Khartoum Process
  • its timetable and composition
  • the terms of reference of the Secretariat

Also below, the action plan from the first KP Steering Committee held in Sharm El Sheikh in 2014.

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