The Khartoum Process is part of the Africa-EU Migration and Mobility Dialogue (MMD). 

Linking migration and development

The MMD falls into the overall framework of the Africa-EU Partnership and its goal is to maximise the development potential of migration and mobility within Africa and between Africa and the EU by providing comprehensive responses to migration and mobility challenges, in full respect of human rights

A three-components framework

  • three migration dialogues (the Rabat Process, the Khartoum Process and the Continental Dialogue)
  • a demand-driven Facility, which funds flagship initiatives and technical assistance
  • the Africa-Europe Development Platform (ADEPT), which supports the enhancement of capacities of African diaspora development organisations. 

The MMD is funded by the European Union and implemented by ICMPD through a support project. 

A video explaining the full MMD support project can be found below: